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Advantages of X-ray inspection technology

Release time:2021-03-03 17:30:25  Views: 203

Advantages of X-ray inspection technology

(1) Extensive coverage of process defects

Large process defect coverage The automatic X-ray inspection technology has a coverage rate of up to 97% for process defects. At the same time, defects that cannot be reliably detected by other test methods can be observed.

(2) Non-contact non-destructive internal inspection

With higher test coverage, automatic X-ray inspection technology can inspect areas that cannot be inspected by the naked eye and on-line testing (ICT).

(3) Hierarchical detection is possible, higher efficiency

X-rays can pass through the substrate material of the PCB board, so double-layer or multi-layer boards can be inspected at the same time, and the defects of each layer can be seen at a glance, which greatly improves the optical inspection efficiency;

The production of high-performance, high-complexity and high-quality PCBs, in addition to the use of excellent raw materials, advanced production technology, equipment and advanced management mode, must also have a complete technical quality assurance system and advanced testing equipment.