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How to correctly deal with the metal surface problem of the board

Release time:2021-03-02 15:11:48  Views: 150

   Metal surface treatment method of splitter

   The chemical treatment can be carried out after the separator is processed: first, the acid or alkaline solution is used to react with the oxides and oil stains on the surface of the workpiece to dissolve it in the acid or alkaline solution, and the purpose of making the surface rust is to remove Remove scale and oil stains. The chemical treatment is carried out according to the flatness of the thin plate parts, but the disadvantage is that if the time cannot be properly controlled, even if the corrosion inhibitor is added, it will cause excessive corrosion of the steel.

   Mechanical disposal method: First, it includes shot blasting and shot blasting. Shot blasting is a method that uses centripetal force to accelerate the projectile and project it onto the workpiece to stop rust removal and solidification. However, shot blasting has poor sensitivity and is limited by the location. There is a certain awareness when cleaning the workpiece, and it is easy to happen inside and outside the workpiece. The structure of the equipment is chaotic, and there are many wearing parts, especially the blades and other parts wear quickly, the maintenance time is long, the cost is high, and the one-time investment is large.

   These two methods, based on the application of internship, no matter which method you choose to deal with, there are many points to pay attention to.

  In the process of operation, if chemical methods are used for disposal, the surface of the separator can be effectively and thoroughly cleaned. However, during the operation, one of the issues we need to pay attention to is to have precise time control. Please note that the equipment is placed in an acidic or alkaline solution for processing. If the time issue cannot be controlled, it will be easier to corrode equipment. Therefore, based on the application of the internship, it is best to invite those professionals to deal with it.

   If mechanical disposal methods are used, there will be many restrictions during the practical operation. It should be known that in the process of using centripetal force to accelerate the projectile, the sensitivity of the projectile is very poor. In addition, during the internship operation period, there will also be restrictions on the source of production. For example, use those substances that have acidic or alkaline solutions, chemical reactions with oxides on the surface of the splitter workpiece, and greasy dirt. In this case, the substance can be dissolved in an acidic or alkaline solution, so it can achieve the purpose of removing rusty oxide scale and grease on the surface of the workpiece. However, if you cannot control the dose between the two during the sub-board computer practice period, try not to use this method to deal with it. Corrosion will occur.