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What is X-ray inspection equipment used for?

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X-ray detection equipment uses a cathode ray tube to generate high-energy electrons to collide with a metal target. During the collision, the electrons suddenly decelerate, and the lost kinetic energy will be released in the form of X-rays. For locations where the sample cannot be inspected by appearance, the changes in the light intensity after X-Ray penetrates materials of different densities are recorded, and the resulting contrast effect can form an image to show the internal structure of the object to be tested. Observe the problematic area inside the test object under the condition of destroying the test object.

The X-ray detection equipment can detect the relationship between the penetrating power of X-ray rays and the density of the substance, and the property of differential absorption can distinguish substances with different densities. Therefore, if the inspected article breaks, the thickness is different, and the shape changes, the absorption of X-ray rays is different, and the resulting image is also different, so it can produce differentiated black and white images to achieve the purpose of non-destructive testing.

examination range:

Detection of internal cracks and foreign body defects in metal materials and parts, plastic materials and parts, electronic components, electronic components, LED components, etc., analysis of internal displacements such as BGA, circuit boards, etc.; distinguishing empty welding, virtual welding and other BGA welding Analysis of defects, internal conditions of microelectronics systems and glue-sealed components, cables, fixtures, and plastic parts. IC, BGA, PCB/PCBA, surface mount process weldability testing, etc.