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What are the hazards of x-ray inspection equipment to the human body?

Release time:2020-08-05 15:25:05  Views: 149

X-ray inspection equipment, X-RAY inspection equipment, is an industrial X-ray machine inspection machine, usually an industrial non-destructive inspection X-ray machine (lossless inspection), which can inspect various industrial components, electronic components, and internal circuits .

X-rays are divided into two types: medical and industrial. Medical is for biological and human inspection, and industry is for industrial products, such as parts and electronic devices. X-rays in the industry are mainly used for flaw detection and rapid analysis to find the root cause of defects, thereby improving product performance. Industrial x-ray machines and x-rays actually have the same effect.

So, is X-ray inspection equipment harmful to the human body?

The answer is yes. Because X-rays have strong penetrating power, they are often used for fluoroscopy in medicine and for flaw detection in industry. Long-term exposure to X-ray radiation is harmful to the human body. X-rays can excite fluorescence and ionize gas. Sensitize the photosensitive emulsion.

X-rays can be detected by ionization meters, scintillation counters and photosensitive emulsion films. The lattice structure of crystals can have a significant diffraction effect on X-rays. X-ray diffraction has become an important method for studying crystal structure, morphology and various defects.

Therefore, X-rays are harmful to the human body and have a certain killing and destructive effect on biological cells. Excessive exposure to X-rays will affect physiological functions, cause chromosomal abnormalities, and lead to cancer. However, two exposures a day will not affect the health of the human body, so there is no need to worry too much.

Moreover, X detection equipment has a protective layer. If you are accidentally irradiated, there is no need to make a fuss. There will be no problem, because the cells of the human body are constantly renewed, and the damage of X-rays to the body is a process of accumulation of doses.

For industrial testing equipment, most of them are used to detect defects in electronic products and achieve the purpose of non-destructive flaw detection. All of them have taken protective measures, as long as they operate in accordance with the requirements, there is no problem. Moreover, the application of x-ray inspection is very extensive, whether it is in the electronics industry, foundry industry, automobile industry, aerospace and aviation can be applied to x-ray inspection equipment.