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Equipment parameters of splicerParameters        model BWJL08G-PLUSEquipment siz

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Equipment parameters of splicer
Parameters        model BWJL08G-PLUS
Equipment sizeL450mm x W500mm x H1450mm 
Working heightAbout 900mm  
equipment weight75kg
battery voltageDC48V
Target tape type8/12/16/24mm width tape (paper tape & plastic tape)
thickness 0.25~8mm
Object component8/12/16/24mm width tape (paper tape & plastic tape)
thickness 0.25~8mm
Empty material detection methodCCD vision system (1, black material with no light holes, black material without empty material, need to be manually selected; 2. black material without light holes, no empty material at one end of the old material belt, need to be manually selected; 3, black The material tape, the material tape with light-transmitting holes and the light-transmitting element center, needs to be manually selected; 4, the transparent material tape, the light-transmitting material tape of the component, needs to be manually selected)
Number of CCD2 pcs
computer8 inch industrial tablet
Empty material detection rangeBritish system 01005 and above
Reading rangeOne-dimensional code (or two-dimensional code)
Communication expansionCan be connected to the production system MES system
Pre-cutting methodManual cutting
Anticipation deviceHave
Battery operation timeMore than 12 hours
Splice tapeInstall two rolls of self-made (roll material, 1200pcs/roll)
Material film width32mm 
Positioning accuracy of splicing belt±0.2mm
Receiving cycle (c/t)No empty material: 8-10sec (excluding manual work time)
100mm long empty material: 12-15S (excluding manual work time)
Receiving requirementsAutomatic detection, precise cutting, automatic docking and connection with film wrapping, automatic receiving after connection
Receiving machine yieldPaper tape 98%   Rubber tape 95%
MES system docking requirementsOur company provides two docking methods for free: 1. Upload the new and old material barcode to the designated IP; 2. Install the customer's existing MES software for internal communication, and our company opens the port. Other communication methods are optional and chargeable.
Material error prevention functionPossess error-proof function of front and back system, record barcode, open data to support data export
Use modelSuitable for any kind of placement machine
Equipment warrantyEquipment warranty for one year


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